Corporate Building

We have applied our expertise to a wide range of products, We have the industry know-how, the proven track record, and the right relationships to get the job done.

We put expertise behind our high quality projects, innovation meets precision, both of which allows us to deliver superior results and exceed your expectations for your project


Project Buildings

Our project management far exceeds the expectation of our customers. Whether it be a corporate contract or domestic we take pride in ensuring a smooth operating project.

  • Plannings Interior & Exterior
  • Fast Work & Negotiations
  • Precise Planning

Our attention to detail put us on a completely new level to the industry and provides all our past and current clients complete trust in the operations of the project.


Domestic Building

Our professional approach to any domestic project ensures only the best workmanship. We run the project from start to finish, including the design, drawing and giving advice to help you, the client, make the best decision. We design all aspects of the job, including tiling layouts, finishing choices, sound layouts, lighting layouts and colour palette consulting


Who we are

We are building organisation who are passionate about making the dreams of our clients a reality.

With over 30 years experience in the industry we cater for all building requirements, including all domestic and corporate building/renovations



We provide solutions across all building platforms, whether it be corporate or domestic we have the solution best suited to meet your requirements



Our range of knowledge ensures we are able to meet the expectations of our clients in any form of renovations.

From renovating small businesses to complete factory restoration Design has the capacity to complete them all.


Design House Touch

Design House is privately owned and prides itself in providing only the best customer service available.

We are so proud in the fact that our team’s attention to detail ensures that the dreams of our clients are fulfilled


Our Clients


There are some of our partners and customers, who are very satisfied with our work.
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